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Update: 2012-12-23

We wish friends and family a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2013!

Kerstgroeten Sylvia-Thea-Jan en Sacha

* We received sad news from the Brokling family; they had their Tervueren 'Kalistos'(son Ackay X Uana) put down at the age of 10,5 years due to arthrosis. Lately this disease became very painful and Ralph and Kim had to make the right decision. We wish Ralph and Kim strength with the loss of their family member.

* Louisa also informed us that 1 of her Shelties, Djego (pack members of Cayou) suddenly died from cancer. The vet tried to save Djego with an operation but is was already too late. We wish Louisa also much strength with the loss of Djego.

* Last time we informed you about 2 families in 's Heerenberg having both 2 dogs out of the same litter. Than we found out that we had made a mistake; one of the families is living in Haaksbergen! Strangely enough this family seem to be the neighbors of the Ter Braak family, who own Phaiza! It is a small world we live in!

* Below some pics from Phaiza from the Ter Braak Family!

Phaiza van de familie Ter Braak!Phaiza van de familie Ter Braak

* Below you'll find new updates from the latest litter. Pups are growing fast and doing very well.

From the Bloemraad Family with Beau:

Beau van de familie Bloemraad

From the Snijder Family with Misty and Vienna:

Misty en Vienna van de familie Snijder - Zwemles!Misty en Vienna van de familie Snijder - Zwemles!Misty en Vienna van de familie Snijder - Zwemles!Misty en Vienna van de familie Snijder - Zwemles!Zwemdiploma MistyZwemdiploma Vienna

From Angelina with Samira:

Samira van AngelinaSamira van Angelina - Grijze dame!Samira van AngelinaSamira van Angelina

* It has been weeks ago, the site has been updated. We received several messages and photos from the owners of latest litter. Funny, there are now 2 families in 's Heerenberg owning two dogs of the same litter. Mats and Pelle, two brothers and Misty and Vienna two sisters. The four dogs are also half-brothers and half-sisters. It must be something in the air in that city! Below new photos from families.

* A message from the Hendriksen family. Pelle had a small accident with a garden shower, but after some stitches he was doing great again.

Mats van Hannie en Wim HendriksenPelle van Hannie en WimMats en Pelle van Hannie en Wim

* From the Snijder family we received news from Misty and Vienna (both sisters and daughters from Aske) The dogs and their owners are very happy with each other.

Misty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos SnijderMisty en Vienna van Karolien en Jos Snijder

* We also received news from the Bloemraad-Teeuwen family and Beau (brother Vienna and Misty). Beau is doing good and is loved very much by his owners.

Beau van de familie Bloemraad-TeeuwenBeau van de familie Bloemraad-TeeuwenBeau van de familie Bloemraad-Teeuwen

" Sylvia herself kept a dog from the last litter and is working hard to raise her to a real lady. Below pics from Sylvia, Kayla and Baron.

Sylvia + Aske + KaylaKayla van Sylvia en JanKayla van Sylvia en Jan Baron van Sylvia en Jan

* Than an update from Angelina about Samira. Samira is a 'grey' sister of Beau, Misty, Vienna en Kayla.

Samira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamira van Angelina

We received news from the Bloemraad family. Beau ( a son from Aske x Chudo) is doing great. The family is very satisfied with their new packmember!

Beau van de familie BloemraadBeau van de familie BloemraadWij zijn 2 vrienden....Beau van de familie Bloemraad

Last week, most of the pups went to their new homes. The first messages tell us they do well! Socializing and raising of the pups is out of our hands. Still there 2 red females waiting for loving owners!

Below pics from Maicoh from the Wolf family:

Maicoh van de familie WolfMaicoh van de familie Wolf

Also pics from the Fredericks family and Darco:

Darco van de familie FrederickxDarco van de familie FrederickxDarcoDarco ondeugend

And pics from Angelina and Samira:

Samira van AngelinaSamira van AngelinaSamiraSamiraSamira van AngelinaSamira en een lid van haar nieuwe roedelSamira

* All dogowners, please be aware you cannot leave your dogs in the car with warm or hot weather! Each year many dogs suffer a horrible death due to owners who leave their dogs in the car while temperature rises to 50 degrees!*

Below a few pics from the pups which will leave soon to their new owners. 2 grey males and 1 red female are still waiting for a loving owner!

Treintje Grijs-Rood-Grijs-RoodPupje van AskeLisa (dochter Sylvia) en pupsEcht grijs, echt rood!Zijn het geen dotjes!Wat doe jij?Wie is daar?

A few photos from Luna. Sometimes being a dog is just wonderful!

Xena en Luna van Steef en StefanieLuna van Stefanie en SteefLuna van Steef en Stefanie

We received new pics from the owners of Nikita. Nikita won a medaillon for being the best dog in agility. Again congratulations Riny and Ingrid!

Nikita van Riny en Ingrid van Brienenwon by Nikita

Also 2 pics from Gino (members of the Lieke Peeters gang)!

Gino van Lieke PeetersGino van Lieke

An update from Mats and Pelle. The boys from Hannie en Wim Hendriksen have become very dark. But you'll never know for how long as Tervuerenaers change color often

Mats van Hannie en WimMats van Hannie en WimPelle van Hannie en WimPelle van Hannie en WimPelle en Bente

Van de familie Hartong ontvingen wij een update van Zeno (broertje van Lakota en Luna). Ook met Zeno gaat het goed. Het heel erg eigewijze van Zeno gaat er een beetje af en hij begint zich wat meer als een heer te gedragen. Hij heeft nog steeds een innemend koppie!

Zeno van de familie HartongZeno van de familie HartongZeno

Below an update from the pups in pics. It is sure now that there are 2 males and 1 female with the color gray. The pups grow well and, more important a fantastic character. Below photos from the litter.

Blauw-wit ReuBruin-Geel ReuRood - ReuZwart - ReuWit -  TeefjeBlauw-Zilver TeefjeOker (Geel) TeefjePaars - Teefje

Below you'll find some new pics from Cayou (Falanga x Fourlan). His owner Louisa Wegerif has started to attend agility matches. For a dog these matches are always a new experience, so it takes time and practice to get used to the different situations. Also Cayou and Louisa work hard to become a good combination for agility. Below you'll find pics from Cayou during agility and also photos from Cayou with his friend Bruce. Bruce is the Tervueren from Nina en Thierry Meulenbelt.

Cayou van Louisa!Cayou en BruceCayou door de tunnel!Cayou door de palenCayou en Bruce samen over de hoogtesprongDe maatjes samen! Cayou van Louis en Bruce van Nina en Thierry Meulenbelt

The first pics Aske's children (Notre Belle Amie du Fauve Beaute) X Chudo (Grimmendans Chudo)

Oker/Geel = FemaleBlauw/zilver = FemalePaars = TeefjeWit = FemaleBruin-Geel = MaleBlauw/Wit = MaleRood = MaleZwart = Male

On the 30th of May, 4 boys and 4 girls were born in our kennel. The father is 'Grimmendans Chudo'and the mother is (Aske) Notre Belle Amie Du Fauve Beaute. Mother and pups our doing great. There are still pups available from this combination. If interested, feel free to contact us for more information!

Aske and her 4 boys and 4 girls!4 Boys and 4 girlsAske and her children!

We had Aske screened for pregnancy and the vet was happy to tell that she is definitely expecting. Just a few weeks left and there will be lots of fun again with the new born puppies!

The Wolf family sent us some pics of their own Belgian Shepherds. They came to visit the dogs a few weeks ago; this because of their interest in a puppy.

Inkita en Evita van de familie WolfInkita en Wolf van de familie WolfInkita van de familie Wolf

Sad news. Sylvia and Jan had to put Maroc down due to a large tumour. There were no signs of illness until 2 weeks ago when Maroc seemed to have lost his appetite. A check with the vet learned he suffered from cancer in the bladder and the only thing Sylvia and Jan left, was saying goodbye to their loyal and good friend. We wish Jan and Sylvia strength with the loss of Maroc.

We also received news from Jan and Toos with Preza. Preza is doing good except for her B-exam she did not pass. Well, Jan/Toos, just keep on training, keep working with Preza. In the end you will pass the exam and you will have this nice obedient dog!

*Aske has been mated with Chudo! We expect to have puppies at approximate 9 June 2012 from Grimmendans Chudo x Notre Belle Amie du Fauve Beaute! Feel free to contact us for information.

It has already been a long time ago since we last changed the site. This has nothing to do with a lack of interest in dog issues and everything to do with lack of time. Thea is the one who trains all the dogs this training period. Sacha and Sylvia are busy with teaching dog owners individual or classical. Below you'll find an update in pics from different dogs.

Below pics from Kadour (Marinda (Eyona Gaia du Fauve Beaute) x Xenakis du Clan des Fauves) The owner of Kadour, Lida Kalmeijer, is still very happy with this nice dog.

Kadour van Lida KalmeijerKadour van Lida KalmeijerKadour van Lida KalmeijerKadour van Lida KalmeijerKadour en familie

Nick and Mimi sent us pics from Fido and Makoy. They are half-brothers with both Hakuna as their mom. You can see they are family.

Fido en Makoy van Nick en Mimi TilmansFido en Makoy van Nick en Mimi TilmansFido en Makoy van Nick en Mimi Tilmans

Also pics from Zeno (Hakuna (Belle van 't Sparrebos) x Grimmendans Fourlan)

Zeno van de familie HartongZeno van de familie HartongZeno van de familie Hartong

Than below a photo of Gino from Lieke Peeters.

Gino van Lieke Peeters in diepe rust

Hannie and Wim Hendriksen also sent a new photo. You can see Pelle is smart enough to play a game of checkers.

Pelle aan het dammen

De mislukte foto's van Sylvia met Baron, Maroc en Aske :-)

Aske van Sylvia en JanAske en Baron van Sylvia en JanMaroc, Aske en Baron van Sylvia en JanMaroc van Sylvia en JanMaroc van Jan en Sylvia

I 'stole' pics from Luna from facebook. Luna (owner: Steef Drabbe) She is a sister of Luna and Zeno.

Luna  en Xena van Steef en StephanieLuna van Steef Drabbe