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Kennel "du Fauve Beauté"

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Update: 2013-12-23

'Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014!'

Below 2 pics from Zeno (brother Lakota)from the Hartong family.

Zeno van de familie HartongZeno van de familie Hartong

Below 2 photos from Marley and Jamahl (brother Darkini) van Ralf en Kim

Marley en Jamahl van Ralf en KimMarley en Jamahl van Kim en Ralf

We also received season greetings from Hannie and Wim Hendriksen with Mats and Pelle!

Mats van Hannie en Wim HendriksenMats en Pelle van Wim en HannieMats en Pelle van Hannie en Wim HendriksenPelle van de familie Hendriksen

* We wish friends and family a fantastic 2013!

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