Du Fauve Beauté, Tervuerense en Hollandse Herders
Kennel "du Fauve Beauté"

Bohemien Ackay du Fauve Beaute

Welcome in our kennel. Enjoy your visit!

Our kennel was founded in 1990. We have bred Belgian shepherds 'Tervueren' since that start. In September 2010 Jan and Sylvia became the co-owners of our kennel. Throughout the years, we learned a lot about breeding, socialising and educating dogs, but also - very important - how to coach their owners. Every day, we still enjoy our dogs, although the world of a breeder can often be a 'strange one'!

Yes, we do have our goals. We aim at breeding social, healthy and smoothly balanced dogs! Dogs with a will to please. Dogs, which fit in our society today, but still own their natural instincts. Dogs which are a part of the family. And last but not least, dogs with a very nice-looking, charming and expressing appearance. A real eye-catcher!

Please, feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions or to gather information!

Thea Verkroost & Sacha Hermans

La Rivierestraat 1

1222 EP Hilversum

The Netherlands

youandi@planet.nl / sachermans@kpnmail.nl

Tel.: +31 (0)35 683 75 40

GSM: +31 (0)6 52 43 01 60

GSM: +31 (0)6 38 53 06 09

Jan Wiggerts & Sylvia Brom

Noordeinde 16

8428 HM Fochteloo

The Netherlands


Tel.: +31 (0)516 426 316

GSM: +31 (0)6 48 20 77 88



Casanova du Fauve Beaute (Gaucho)

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