Du Fauve Beauté, Tervuerense en Hollandse Herders
Kennel "du Fauve Beauté"

Just fun!
Gewoon leuk!
Louisa withIndy, Dusty en Djarro don't they come from different planets? Another baby! Shopping!
Normally he has a better appearance! Thea and pups! Just hanging around! Love those little monsters.
...I am getting to big for this! You called out for me? If I just sit still, maybe it will pass by.... Sacha, Thea, Naccie en Freya
You feel ill, do not worry, I am there for you! Sometimes you can't explane in your own words! Everytime,she visits it is the same old... I'am wondering what is next? I know I am supposed to be a grown-up, but sometimes being a puppy again, can not harm!

2 ahh... 3 dogs ?!.... They have Groenedaelers? being kind to eachother!
again sitting up?, allright...! He might catch a cold... somewhere.....at the bottom....there must be... something eatable.
Ackay en Mkoowi; Symmetric Being Dutch does not mean, I can not take of Belgians! My house,my couch, my kingdom.....
Dogs suffer under the presence of cats! You must love them! Hide and seek, there is a child in this photo!

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