Du Fauve Beauté, Tervuerense en Hollandse Herders
Kennel "du Fauve Beauté"

We train all our dogs. This because they live in the house together (Male, bitch, young and old) but above all, we think it is important the dogs work. Sheperds are very active and clever, so it is always a pleasure to work with them. Our dogs own certificates in Obedience, UV, VZH, Agility, Flyball and IPO. Offspring inherited this 'will to please' too. We just love to work with the dogs!

Thea met Darkini Flyball - Loes Bijlhout with Jakuta! The first year Flyball was introduced in the Netherlands; Thea with Freya; Loes Bijlhout with Jakuta during the match!Golan van de Wielander van de kennel 'van de Wielander'!

Zita from MS Grootegoed KNPV; Richard with Junkie

KNPV Junkie from Richard Floyd Beau du Fauve Beaute - Owners: Fam. G. van der KampThea Verkroost and Darkini - Je Maintendrai du Fauve BeauteFlyball- Jamahl du Fauve Beaute van Ralf Brokling

New pictures coming soon!